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About Coffee News Harford

Jody YoullJody Youll proudly tells people she is a Jersey Girl at heart. She spent the first half of her life in Morristown, NJ, graduating from Morristown High School in 1975. In 1981 she graduated from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, but returned to NJ when jobs were scarce due to the recession of 1981 (this was when the term “downsizing” was coined).

In 1985 Jody ended up in Point Pleasant, NJ (yes, the “Jersey Shore” - but not the one you may have seen on tv). For the next 25 years, she raised 2 children and became very involved and well known throughout the small community. She was involved with The Mothers’ Center of the Jersey Shore, a support network that brought moms and their children together for a variety of activities, seminars and playgroups while helping them develop lasting friendships. While her children were in school, Jody was a class mom many years, as well as being very active in the PTO. Jody served as chairperson on various committees including fundraising, holiday fair, craft show, concluding her last two years as Vice President. During that time she had a lot of interaction with everyone from the office secretaries to the Principal and members of the Board of Education. When her children attended high school and became band members, Jody became a Band Mom and was very actively involved for 6 years with the Band Boosters, finishing her last year with the group as Corresponding Secretary.

Jody went back to work after 11 years home with the children, and started as an assistant to a Print Broker. For two and a half years, she learned the business of printing and graphics. Having taught herself desktop publishing on her first computer, a Mac Performa 6100, she was perfectly suited to the part time position.

Unfortunately things took a downturn with the economy, and Jody transferred into full time work with Gannett, Inc as a Sales Representative for the Point Pleasant Reporter, a weekly newspaper publication in her hometown. She was fortunate enough to spend the next year learning about print advertising, and worked with local businesses advertising with the newspaper. Over the next 5 years Jody was promoted three times to the final position of Senior Account Executive, Retail Advertising. Twice Jody was moved to territories that needed building, as she was known for her ability to build client relationships through effective account management. The secret was simple - put the clients’ ads where they worked for the client, not for the budget's bottom line.

From the newspaper, Jody went on to work at Yellowbook. There was great opportunity for learning and selling internet advertising, and during her three years with the company Jody was trained in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Google Adwords.

When Jody and her fiance finally realized they would be moving to Bel Air in July, 2010, she had to decide on what to do once here - work for someone? work for herself? Lucky for all, Jody was already in love with Coffee News. After some research and phone calls, Jody realized that the 10+ years preceeding was the road she was traveling to Coffee News. With her combined experience of printing, graphics, advertising, and working with local businesses, it was a perfect fit!

On April 1, 2011 Jody signed on to be a Coffee News franchisee, and Coffee News Harford was born! Jody has been busy ever since, getting to know the area and the businesses here, as well as getting them to know her and Coffee News. She is an active member of Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network, (Board Member), Bel Air Downtown Alliance, (Board Member), Route 40 Business Association, and Growth by Association (Co-Founder).

Jody currently lives in Joppa with Greg (husband), Maxi, (toy poodle), McGyver & Penny (cats), as well as her many indoor plants and outdoor gardens.

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